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NAPA Issues New Thinlay Guidance

Thinlays are a suite of thin-asphalt overlays designed specifically for pavement preservation. With Thinlays, agencies can extend the life of pavements that are in good to fair condition, decreasing life-cycle costs, improving ride, and decreasing roadway noise. The guide, Thinlays for Pavement Preservation (Information Series 141), provides comprehensive guidance on the proper use of Thinlays, including how they fit within pavement management systems, when and how they should be used based on existing pavement condition, how Thinlay mixes should be developed and specified, and best practices for Thinlay construction.

This guide also helps users compare the cost and performance of common pavement preservation techniques. The guide was authored by Mike Heitzman and Ray Brown at NCAT with John Hickey of the Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon and was developed through NAPA’s cooperative agreement with FHWA. It is now available through the NAPA Online Store.