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CalAPA Hosts Contractors Membership Dinner

On May 14, 38 representatives of the California Asphalt Pavement Association gathered for an evening of networking, education, and outstanding cuisine at the famed Los Angeles steakhouse, the Dal Rae at the association’s first regional dinner of 2019. CalAPA has both a Southern California Paving Contractors Committee and a Northern California Paving Contractors Committee and this meeting was for the Southern CA group, and was open to producer, refiner, supplier and associate members as well.

190513 Guest Speaker Dan Medina
Guest Speaker Dan Medina

Southern California Contractors’ Committee Chairman Steve Cota of Patriot Risk Services led off the program thanking everyone for attending during the busy paving season. Steve then introduced Steve Marvin, PE of Labelle-Marvin for a “technical” tidbit, but Steve switched things up a little bit this time with more of a historical perspective with a look at asphalt through the millennia as the pavement material of choice. Mr. Marvin was followed by Daniel Media, from Parsell & Getters, who delivered an outstanding, and very timely, OSHA Safety Update. The two guest presentations were followed by dinner. Everyone raved about the Pepper Filets!

After dinner, and to close the evening, new CalAPA Regional Director Bill Knopf introduced his colleagues in the room, CalAPA Technical Director Brandon Milar, PE, and Kerry Hoover, publisher of the superb California Asphalt magazine, and reviewed some of the upcoming events on the association’s calendar. Bill then delivered a brief presentation on the benefits of executive partnering with state DOTs, based on his experience while he was employed by the Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana during the premature pavement cracking crisis in 2016.

190513 Nine members at the event
Nine members at CalAPA meeting

Following the formal adjournment of the meeting, it was remarkable how many of our 38 attendees “stuck around” the Dal Rae either in the meeting room itself, in the lounge, or in some cases, outside on the parking lot on a warm, LA night. The meeting provided our attendees a chance to reconnect with one another; at the end of the day, we’re all in the people business! Associations are all about sharing common solutions to common problems. CalAPA members clearly enjoy one another’s company. And a good steak dinner.

Article and photos provided by:
William Knopf, Regional Director
California Asphalt Pavement Association (CalAPA)