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FHWA rolls out free inspection checklist app

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) created the Everyday Counts (EDC) program to promote ready-to-use strategies for the improvement of the transportation systems throughout the United States. In 2017, EDC-4 included the use of pavement preservation strategies (i.e. HMA overlays). As part of this effort, the agency developed a free mobile device app loaded with a series of inspection checklists related to various pavement preservation construction activities.

The FHWA said the checklists were “created to guide state and local highway preservation / maintenance and inspection staff on the use of innovative pavement preservation techniques.”

The checklists provide individuals with a list of key components prior to, during and after pavement and maintenance construction activities. Several key components include review project documents (specifications, traffic plan, QC Plan, safety plans, etc.), identifying the appropriate specifications for the project, inspection guidelines for plant and equipment, inspection of construction activities, and troubleshooting.

In the mid-2000s, the FHWA published a set of these checklists that were provided as pocket guides. Recently, the FHWA completed a revision of these checklists and created new checklists for additional strategies. To assist agencies with the transition to e-construction (details on that initiative is HERE), including use of electronic means to create a paperless construction environment, the FHWA developed a mobile device app to provide accessibility to these checklists.

The app, called Checklist, allows users to create a project file and select the appropriate checklists for the project. As the individual uses the checklist app, they can include notes and append pictures to the project checklists. The user can export the project file checklists (including notes and pictures) as a PDF-formatted document to share or save.

The free “Checklist” app is available for both android and iOS devices through the various app stores on these devices. For android devices search for “pavement preservation checklist.” For iOS devices search for “Iowa State University pavement preservation.”

The checklists are also available in pdf format from the FHWA website HERE.

Article courtesy of CalAPA Asphalt Insider.