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APAO Centerline – Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 issue of Centerline has arrived with news from the Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon.

Some GOOD news from 2020: APAO members large and small proved that they care about their neighbors and will help in times of need. Some examples are:

Industry Safety: CRH posted a COVID-19 safety video to YouTube that included important information and practices to help protect workers from COVID-19.
Diversity Equity & Inclusion: Lakeside continued to support training programs focused on improving opportunities for women and people of color, hired interns in protected classes, supported scholarships, and supported its own Lakeside Women of Asphalt.
Local Community Support: Knife River donated $50,000 to help Oregon food pantries and shelters.
Local Business Support: Baker Rock Resources made significant donations to the Hillsboro Community Foundation and the local Chamber of Commerce.
Wildfire Support: Road & Driveway Co., donated high visibility vests to the Department to be distributed to the public.

The good, the bad and the ugly of environmental product declarations(EPDs) are discussed in the main article of the Winter 2021 issue:
– The consequences of misunderstanding EPDs range from unnecessarily increasing costs to increasing emissions.
– The most sustainable asphalt pavement is the one with longest life – which requires mix and structural design principles to take precedence over EPD information.
– Agencies contemplating EPDs should hold regional roundtables with producers, carefully consider different implementation models, and recognize that EPDs may not be practical for all projects.