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States’ COVID-Era Budget Surpluses Could Pay For Infrastructure

Congress, at the behest of President Joe Biden, is hashing out its own major infrastructure plan, but some governors and legislatures figure they can go ahead and make critical one-time investments in road construction, broadband or other infrastructure projects. Some also are looking to target long-term funding for bigger-ticket items.

“Our needs are so great. We have been underfunding infrastructure for so many years,” Colorado Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, a Democrat, said in an interview with Stateline. “We have no choice now but to fund it.”

In Colorado, which is projecting at least $1 billion in unexpected tax revenue, Democratic Gov. Jared Polis and bipartisan leaders from the state House and Senate announced the Colorado Recovery Plan earlier this month. The one-time spending package would put $700 million into an economic stimulus plan.

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