2021, Asphalt Pavements, Washington

First National APA “Perpetual Pavement, by Conversion” Award

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) finds long-term success with perpetual pavement design in Skagit County.

In 2010, a stretch of I-5 in Skagit County, Washington, was in dire need of rehabilitation. A 1993 asphalt maintenance overlay proved insufficient, suffering severe reflective cracking caused by the joints of the original underlying concrete pavement. WSDOT knew it wanted to opt for a long-term solution while also keeping costs low. Officials found the perfect fit for the job: a crack, seat, and overlay process that included an asphalt pavement “deep strength” overlay, resulting in a long-life, perpetual pavement design

In recognition of this long-life design, the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) awarded the I-5 project APA’s inaugural Perpetual Pavement by Conversion award. The award recognizes pavements that are designed to use the existing road structure as an integral design component in building a pavement that will last indefinitely with routine preservation strategies.

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