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The Asphalt Advantage: Perpetual Pavement

NAPA released a two-page flyer on the benefits of partnering to build long-life Perpetual Pavements. Focused on the collaboration between Caltrans, industry, and academia, this case study highlights Perpetual Pavements being built by Granite Construction Co. and Teichert Aggregates in California to conserve natural resources and provide cost-effective pavement solutions. An analysis of the I-5… Continue reading The Asphalt Advantage: Perpetual Pavement

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The Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) announced today that the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has won a 2019 Perpetual Pavement Award (PPA) for a 7.1-mile section of two-lane State Route 12 in Lewis County. This is the agency’s sixth PPA. To qualify for this prestigious award, a pavement must be at least 35 years… Continue reading WSDOT WINS 2019 PERPETUAL PAVEMENT AWARD

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Guam Looks to Green Infrastructure

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) is working with engineering firm CH2M Hill/Jacobs Engineering to boost the island’s sustainability by greening its infrastructure. In particular, The Guam Daily Post reports, the agency is looking to promote the use of recyclable materials in road construction. Although the report doesn’t include many details.  However, given that asphalt… Continue reading Guam Looks to Green Infrastructure

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‘Nature’s cement’ is key ingredient in new road paving technology

When faced with the option of turning paved roads back into gravel due to budget constraints, one Utah county decided to do something different – a decision that is paying off in spades. The county decided to use a new repaving process developed by Lithified Technologies on two sections of County Road 110, referred to… Continue reading ‘Nature’s cement’ is key ingredient in new road paving technology

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Report Encourages Electrification of Nevada’s Transportation System

“Electrifying the movement of goods and people around the state moves the needle forward on all of Nevada’s priorities for growth and livability – energy independence, clean energy, clean air, economic mobility, and an efficient transportation system,” the report noted. Click here to learn more about this potential change to Nevada's transportation system. Courtesy of… Continue reading Report Encourages Electrification of Nevada’s Transportation System

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Caltrans to Use EPDs in Pilot Tests

Last month, the California Asphalt Pavement Association (CalAPA) hosted a webinar on environmental product declarations (EPDs). During the webinar, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) announced an initial list of four asphalt pavement projects that will request EPDs as part of the bid. This is part of a pilot project designed to allow Caltrans to… Continue reading Caltrans to Use EPDs in Pilot Tests

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Structural Design Guidelines for Porous Asphalt Pavements (July 2018)

Often the design of porous asphalt pavements is focused on how well the pavement will handle water, not traffic. For most parking lots and light-duty surfaces this may be a reasonable approach, but as public agencies look to use full-depth porous asphalt pavements on roadways a traditional structural design methodology is needed. Written by Charles… Continue reading Structural Design Guidelines for Porous Asphalt Pavements (July 2018)

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Resiliency and Sustainability

Resiliency and sustainability—some of asphalt’s greatest (but lesser-known) benefits There are plenty of reasons agencies and contractors choose to pave with asphalt—from lower lifecycle costs, to greater opportunity for minimally-invasive rehabilitation, to faster opening to the driving public. Resiliency and sustainability are two more reasons asphalt should be your pavement of choice. Resiliency When we… Continue reading Resiliency and Sustainability

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The right CSOL-ution

Washington State DOT’s last-ditch play against aging pavements is a unique success Asphalt Article By David Gent, P.E. February 09, 2017   State DOTs have a primary responsibility to maximize the return on investment from the considerable public funds spent to build and maintain their highways and interstates. To manage the long-term costs of its… Continue reading The right CSOL-ution