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Laying down high-tech pavement: Intelligent Compaction takes guesswork out of density

Article is courtesy of the AGC of Alaska Modern technology is taking the guesswork out of paving the nation’s roads and runways. “Intelligent Compaction” refers to compaction of road materials such as asphalt, soils or aggregate bases using modern vibratory rollers equipped with an integration of high-precision positioning systems, accelerometers and onboard computer systems. The… Continue reading Laying down high-tech pavement: Intelligent Compaction takes guesswork out of density

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2018 NCAT Test Track Conference

The 2018 NCAT (National Center for Asphalt Technology) Test Track Conference was held Auburn, Alabama on March 27 to 29. The conference was attended by over 250 people including staff from sponsoring Departments of Transportation, other test track sponsors, vendors, and several State Asphalt Pavement Associations. Accelerated pavement testing (APT) is conducted at the test… Continue reading 2018 NCAT Test Track Conference

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Murray Boulevard Case Study

Murray Boulevard is a major arterial best known for being the access to Bowerman Drive, the main entrance to Nike World Headquarters where thousands of employees work on a sprawling campus that would make many prestigious colleges jealous. To asphalt pavement engineers Murray Boulevard is important not because of its famous tenant, but because of… Continue reading Murray Boulevard Case Study

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Resiliency and Sustainability

Resiliency and sustainability—some of asphalt’s greatest (but lesser-known) benefits There are plenty of reasons agencies and contractors choose to pave with asphalt—from lower lifecycle costs, to greater opportunity for minimally-invasive rehabilitation, to faster opening to the driving public. Resiliency and sustainability are two more reasons asphalt should be your pavement of choice. Resiliency When we… Continue reading Resiliency and Sustainability

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Meet the State Exec: APAO’s John Hickey

The AsphaltPro magazine has their “Meet the State Executive” article series. They hope to feature the executive director from each State Asphalt Pavement Association (SAPA) over a number of their upcoming editions. Editor Sandy Lender goals is to provide the state executive with the opportunity to provide advice or tips based on the experiences from… Continue reading Meet the State Exec: APAO’s John Hickey

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The right CSOL-ution

Washington State DOT’s last-ditch play against aging pavements is a unique success Asphalt Article By David Gent, P.E. February 09, 2017   State DOTs have a primary responsibility to maximize the return on investment from the considerable public funds spent to build and maintain their highways and interstates. To manage the long-term costs of its… Continue reading The right CSOL-ution

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Saddle Road – Bringing an Island Together

The following article is from the Asphalt Today, a supplement to Road & Bridges magazine Crews had to construct a new road through native, undeveloped ground. The Daniel K. Inouye Highway (DKI), also known as Saddle Road, is the most direct cross-island route between east and west Hawaii Island.People use the road for business travel,… Continue reading Saddle Road – Bringing an Island Together